Google Chrome extension and web apps

Post date: Sep 22, 2010 9:10:25 AM

I've been a Firefox user for several years, and to be honest, since I had my first Sun station to work with ! I moved to Mac OS and kept using Firefox because I never fell in love with Safari. But as new updates keep pilling up new functions and a bunch of other stuff, I started to find Firefox buggy, slow and unstable. So, I've been patient and as soon as Google released a Mac OS version of its navigator Chrome I gave it a try. What a charm ! It is fast, stable, works intuitively and on my small 13' MacBook screen optimizes the space taken by the webpage.Since a couple of months it is also highly customizable with the 'extensions' capability. 

I'll soon report here about a Chrome extension I'm writting for bibliography search based on JournArch.

Before then I just want to share simple webapp crx files I packaged for my personal use (see here for a bunch of them). 

Download zip files and click on crx files.

- Google Reader Chrome webapp for Mac OS

- Remember the milk Chrome webapp for Mac OS