Online access to articles with your library and proxy (bookmarklet to modify url)

posted Mar 23, 2010, 3:01 AM by G. Maze ‎(admin)‎   [ updated Sep 23, 2010, 3:11 AM ]
MIT provides a very nice method to access articles from publishers. It's through their library proxy. I used to use a simple trick, simply adding at the end of the article url hostname. For example I changed:

But I get tired of constantly adding this extension when needed, so I created a very simple javascript which does the job for me by a simple click. The script splits the window.location variable and add where it's needed.
I wish I could simply add a link on this page you would have to drag to your bookmark bar and click it when you want, but google apps doesn't allow it ;-(. 
Anyway, open your bookmark manager, create a new bookmark you'll probably place in your bookmark bar and in the bookmark url insert the code below:
javascript:(function(){var newurl = window.location.protocol+'//''';window.location=newurl;})();

It should work fine (at least it does for me, on ams, agu and science direct so far)

ps: for those with access to the Biblioplanet, you can use:
javascript:(function(){var newurl = window.location.protocol+'//''';window.location=newurl;})();

ps: All of this is now explained on the MIT library webpage here:

My javascript is not the shortest one, MIT script is as follow in the bookmarlet: void(location.hostname = location.hostname + '');