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colors/bluewhitered.m colors/canom.m colors/clabelcmap.m colors/cmapa.m colors/colormap.m colors/colormap_cpt.m colors/colormap_plt.m colors/cseason.m colors/ctitle.m colors/logcolormap.m colors/mycolormap.m colors/mycolormaps_create.m colors/newclim.m colors/setcolormaps.m colors/test_vivid.m colors/thincolorbar.m colors/thinnercolorbar.m colors/unif.m colors/updatecolorbar.m colors/vivid.m colors/vivid_contrast.m custom/bibus.m custom/blk.m custom/cbsnews.m custom/check_ethlog.m custom/cw.m custom/figure_central.m custom/gcontact2maillist.m custom/gfdsearch_bulkupload.m custom/google_reader_to_timeline.m custom/tex2html.m custom/top.m custom/update_codes.m custom/wherearewe.m geophysic/WOA05_grid.m geophysic/compute_air_sea_o2_flux.m geophysic/constraint_jstar.m geophysic/convert_oxygen.m geophysic/convert_unit.m geophysic/csvreadargo.m geophysic/csvreadargo2.m geophysic/densjmd95.m geophysic/dfromo.m geophysic/diagCatH.m geophysic/diagHatisoC.m geophysic/diag_PV.m geophysic/diag_interpallREQ.m geophysic/dinterp3bin.m geophysic/dinterp3bin_grid.m geophysic/dlowerres.m geophysic/drawmpoly.m geophysic/dwn_nao.m geophysic/fillgaps.m geophysic/getGRD.m geophysic/get_elev_along_track.m geophysic/get_mld.m geophysic/get_mmld_along_track.m geophysic/get_occaclim_along_track.m geophysic/get_ovide_track.m geophysic/get_thd.m geophysic/get_thdv2.m geophysic/get_woa_along_track.m geophysic/getdS.m geophysic/getdV.m geophysic/guiOCCA.m geophysic/lldist.m geophysic/load_climOCCA.m geophysic/load_maskOCCA.m geophysic/m_drawbox.m geophysic/oc_vmodes.m geophysic/piston_velocity.m geophysic/plotts.m geophysic/project3don2d.m geophysic/scalprod.m geophysic/schmidt_number.m geophysic/select_1transect.m geophysic/simplify_unit.m geophysic/typicalyear.m geophysic/udunits.m graphicxFigures/algnfootnote.m graphicxFigures/command2fig.m graphicxFigures/export.m graphicxFigures/exportf.m graphicxFigures/exportj.m graphicxFigures/exportp.m graphicxFigures/exports.m graphicxFigures/expt.m graphicxFigures/ffland.m graphicxFigures/fftall.m graphicxFigures/figs2pdf.m graphicxFigures/figur.m graphicxFigures/figure_band.m graphicxFigures/figure_land.m graphicxFigures/figure_setcolor.m graphicxFigures/figure_tall.m graphicxFigures/figures2htm.m graphicxFigures/fnote.m graphicxFigures/footnote.m graphicxFigures/footstamp.m graphicxFigures/graphtool.m graphicxFigures/hidemenu.m graphicxFigures/load_icons.m graphicxFigures/mailtool.m graphicxFigures/maxi.m graphicxFigures/maximizeplots.m graphicxFigures/mini.m graphicxFigures/mytoolbar.m graphicxFigures/newfig.m graphicxFigures/pllist_gui.m graphicxFigures/realgnfootnote.m graphicxFigures/reexportp.m graphicxFigures/sgetool.m graphicxFigures/showmenu.m graphicxFigures/stickynote.m graphicxFigures/tall.m graphicxFigures/testicon.m graphicxFigures/utiltool.m graphicxFigures/videotimeline.m graphicxPlots/addarrows.m graphicxPlots/ahline.m graphicxPlots/barerror.m graphicxPlots/boldnul.m graphicxPlots/cleancont.m graphicxPlots/cs2st.m graphicxPlots/dashneg.m graphicxPlots/drawbox.m graphicxPlots/fitgauss.m graphicxPlots/floatAxisY.m graphicxPlots/floatAxisY_right.m graphicxPlots/hline.m graphicxPlots/mapclean.m graphicxPlots/move_axes.m graphicxPlots/outerbox.m graphicxPlots/patcharrow.m graphicxPlots/ptable.m graphicxPlots/sublist.m graphicxPlots/suptitle.m graphicxPlots/thematrix.m graphicxPlots/twodcumsum.m graphicxPlots/twodmean.m graphicxPlots/unifx.m graphicxPlots/unify.m graphicxPlots/vline.m graphicxPlots/xanom.m graphicxPlots/yanom.m inout/abspath.m inout/base64encode.m inout/diag_screen.m inout/file_list.m inout/finish.m inout/fmv.m inout/fopenn.m inout/fstrrep.m inout/get_plotlist.m inout/get_plotlistdef.m inout/get_plotlistfields.m inout/getcomputername.m inout/getip.m inout/gmat.m inout/grep.m inout/growl.m inout/helptocxml2html.m inout/ltp.m inout/ltx_dlist.m inout/ltx_tbll.m inout/ltx_tblo.m inout/machine_list.m inout/mailsend.m inout/myqst.m inout/nlines.m inout/nojvmwaitbar.m inout/packver.m inout/plgrep.m inout/pllist.m inout/qstat.m inout/remindme.m inout/sep.m inout/serveraddress.m inout/stralign.m inout/strins.m inout/tbcont.m inout/url_code.m inout/wsload.m inout/wssave.m inout/wssize.m matrix/assym.m matrix/curvearea.m matrix/datenumserie.m matrix/dim.m matrix/dispt.m matrix/duplicate.m matrix/findp.m matrix/iseven.m matrix/isin.m matrix/m2cols.m matrix/m2diag.m matrix/monthlabs.m matrix/mywkeep.m matrix/nansummap.m matrix/rgb2web.m matrix/rotatepolygon.m matrix/smoother1Ddiff.m matrix/smoother2Ddiff.m mcentral/ConsoleProgressBar.m mcentral/barwitherr.m mcentral/bin2mat.m mcentral/dirr.m mcentral/dragdemo.m mcentral/draggable.m mcentral/gtrack.m mcentral/hindex.m mcentral/hypsometry.m mcentral/julian2greg.m mcentral/nanmax.m mcentral/nanmean.m mcentral/nanmedian.m mcentral/nanmin.m mcentral/nanstd.m mcentral/nansum.m mcentral/nanvar.m mcentral/outliers.m mcentral/popd.m mcentral/prctile.m mcentral/ps2pdf.m mcentral/pushd.m mcentral/pwr_kml.m mcentral/removeoutliers.m mcentral/rgbconv.m mcentral/sinefit.m mcentral/sw_vmodes.m mcentral/usercolormap.m mcentral/winsinc.m mcentral/xticklabel_rotate.m netcdf/ncbuiltin.m netcdf/ncdimname.m netcdf/ncvardesc.m netcdf/ncvarlongname.m netcdf/ncvarname.m off/colorbar2.m off/colorbar3.m off/colorbar_off.m off/getP.m off/log2jobid.m off/mapanom2.m overwrite/clf.m overwrite/corrcoef.m overwrite/dashline.m overwrite/fftmspec.m overwrite/figure.m overwrite/fitfun.m overwrite/ginput.m overwrite/refline.m overwrite/refresh.m overwrite/system.m overwrite/title.m statistics/WSEdecomp.m statistics/allstats.m statistics/armodel2.m statistics/chi2conf.m statistics/gauss.m statistics/getcrosscor.m statistics/getdblpeaks.m statistics/getpeaks.m statistics/getscatter.m statistics/hannfilter.m statistics/lanczos.m statistics/lanfilt.m statistics/linvp.m statistics/lisse.m statistics/mcovar2.m statistics/mynanmean.m statistics/mypsd2.m statistics/mypsdchk.m statistics/myrunmean.m statistics/myspecgram.m statistics/nlinvp.m statistics/periodogram2.m statistics/stan.m statistics/taylordiag.m statistics/trend.m statistics/wmean.m statistics/wstd.m statistics/xtrm.m

Function Name Description
1 colors/bluewhitered Blue, white, and red color map. .m
2 colors/canom Center the caxis on zero .m
3 colors/clabelcmap Create labels for colorbar .m
4 colors/cmapa change colormap for anomalies .m
5 colors/colormap Color look-up table. .m
6 colors/colormap_cpt builds a matlab colormap from a cpt file .m
7 colors/colormap_plt Load a colormap from the Matplotlib palette .m
8 colors/cseason Colormap for seasons .m
9 colors/ctitle Display Colorbar title. .m
10 colors/logcolormap Stretch a colormap extremum toward black and white .m
11 colors/mycolormap Change colormap resolution .m
12 colors/mycolormaps_create H1LINE .m
13 colors/newclim Used to get more than 1 colormap in subplot windows .m
14 colors/setcolormaps Sets the colormap as the union of two at certain level. .m
15 colors/test_vivid M-file for test_vivid.fig .m
16 colors/thincolorbar Display thinner colorbar .m
17 colors/thinnercolorbar Change colorbars thickness in groups .m
18 colors/unif Uniformize colorscale on different figures .m
19 colors/updatecolorbar Update colorbars .m
20 colors/vivid Creates a Personalized Vivid Colormap .m
21 colors/vivid_contrast H1LINE .m
22 custom/bibus Give me the next bus .m
23 custom/blk Insert a blank page at the terminal prompt .m
24 custom/cbsnews Open the CBS Evening News podcast with your browser .m
25 custom/check_ethlog Update and view the my IFREMER working timeline .m
26 custom/cw Move to working directory .m
27 custom/figure_central Returns customized parameters to create a figure .m
28 custom/gcontact2maillist Removed < and > from a Google contacts list .m
29 custom/gfdsearch_bulkupload H1LINE .m
30 custom/google_reader_to_timeline Google reader opml file to be used in Google Timeline .m
31 custom/tex2html LaTeX to Html converter for intranet .m
32 custom/top Give back informations about the memory use of Matlab .m
33 custom/update_codes Update meta informations for my Matlab Codes .m
34 custom/wherearewe Give back a string to identify your location .m
35 geophysic/WOA05_grid Read World Ocean Atlas 2005 grid .m
36 geophysic/compute_air_sea_o2_flux Compute air-sea oxygen flux .m
37 geophysic/constraint_jstar H1LINE .m
38 geophysic/convert_oxygen O2 unit conversion .m
39 geophysic/convert_unit Convert unit of oceanic concentration substance .m
40 geophysic/csvreadargo H1LINE .m
41 geophysic/csvreadargo2 H1LINE .m
42 geophysic/densjmd95 Density of sea water .m
43 geophysic/dfromo Compute distances of points from an origin .m
44 geophysic/diagCatH Compute a 3D field projection on a 2D surface .m
45 geophysic/diagHatisoC Compute iso-surface of a 3D field .m
46 geophysic/diag_PV PV = diag_PV(LON,LAT,DPT,SIGMATHETA,RHO) .m
47 geophysic/diag_interpallREQ NEWFIELD = diag_interpallREQ(FIELD,LON,LAT,netcdf_domain,resolution,... .m
48 geophysic/dinterp3bin Interpolate a 3D field .m
49 geophysic/dinterp3bin_grid Compute the new grid for DINTERP3BIN interpolated fields .m
50 geophysic/dlowerres Reduce the resolution of a field .m
51 geophysic/drawmpoly drawpoly Draw a polygon on a map (using m_map) .m
52 geophysic/dwn_nao Download the monthly NAO index .m
53 geophysic/fillgaps Try to fill gaps in 2D geograpical field .m
54 geophysic/getGRD Compute horizontal gradient of a geographical field .m
55 geophysic/get_elev_along_track elev_along_track Determine topograpahy along ship track .m
56 geophysic/get_mld Compute a mixed layer depth .m
57 geophysic/get_mmld_along_track Get Boyer-Montegut MLD climatology along a track .m
58 geophysic/get_occaclim_along_track get_occa_along_track H1LINE .m
59 geophysic/get_ovide_track Load OVIDE track .m
60 geophysic/get_thd Determine the seasonal and main thermocline depths .m
61 geophysic/get_thdv2 H1LINE .m
62 geophysic/get_woa_along_track Interpolate World Ocean Atlas data along a ship track .m
63 geophysic/getdS Compute 2D surface elements matrix .m
64 geophysic/getdV Compute 3D volume elements matrix .m
65 geophysic/guiOCCA GUI to OCCA dataset .m
66 geophysic/lldist Compute distance in m between two points on Earth .m
67 geophysic/load_climOCCA Load any climatological fields from OCCA .m
68 geophysic/load_maskOCCA Load any mask from OCCA .m
69 geophysic/m_drawbox Draw a rectangular box using m_line .m
70 geophysic/oc_vmodes Compute vertical mode solutions .m
71 geophysic/piston_velocity Compute a gaz air-sea interface transfer velocity (piston velocity) .m
72 geophysic/plotts Plot Temperature, Salinity on a T,S diag .m
73 geophysic/project3don2d Project a 3D field on a 2D surface .m
74 geophysic/scalprod Cross or dot product of two 3D scalar fields .m
75 geophysic/schmidt_number Compute a Schmidt number .m
76 geophysic/select_1transect Extract only one transect from a campaign .m
77 geophysic/simplify_unit Simplify unit expression .m
78 geophysic/typicalyear Compute a typical year from a daily volume time serie .m
79 geophysic/udunits Unidata units library .m
80 graphicxFigures/algnfootnote Horizontal alignement of the footnote for export .m
81 graphicxFigures/command2fig Print on a figure the command window output of one variable .m
82 graphicxFigures/export Export a figure to A4 color EPS format .m
83 graphicxFigures/exportf Export a figure to A4 color PDF format .m
84 graphicxFigures/exportj Export a figure to A4 color PNG format .m
85 graphicxFigures/exportp Export a figure to A4 color PDF format .m
86 graphicxFigures/exports Export a figure to A4 color PDF format .m
87 graphicxFigures/expt Export a figure to pdf format in a temporary folder/file .m
88 graphicxFigures/ffland Open a new figure with landscape orientation .m
89 graphicxFigures/fftall Open a new figure with portrait orientation .m
90 graphicxFigures/figs2pdf Save several figures in 1 pdf file .m
91 graphicxFigures/figur FIGUR Create figure window without Menu Bar .m
92 graphicxFigures/figure_band White background thin landscape figure .m
93 graphicxFigures/figure_land White background landscape figure .m
94 graphicxFigures/figure_setcolor Change background color of a set of figures .m
95 graphicxFigures/figure_tall White background portrait figure .m
96 graphicxFigures/figures2htm Writes all open figures to .png files and integrates them in a html file .m
97 graphicxFigures/fnote Add a text note box to a figure .m
98 graphicxFigures/footnote Add a footnote to a plot .m
99 graphicxFigures/footstamp Create the default footnote for figure .m
100 graphicxFigures/graphtool Custom graphic toolbar for figure .m
101 graphicxFigures/hidemenu Hide the menubar of a figure .m
102 graphicxFigures/load_icons Load CDdata of an predefined icon .m
103 graphicxFigures/mailtool Email button to figure toolbar .m
104 graphicxFigures/maxi Maximize figure size .m
105 graphicxFigures/maximizeplots H1LINE .m
106 graphicxFigures/mini Reduce figure size to a mini standard .m
107 graphicxFigures/mytoolbar Add my personnal buttons to the figure toolbar .m
108 graphicxFigures/newfig Open a new figure .m
109 graphicxFigures/pllist_gui H1LINE .m
110 graphicxFigures/realgnfootnote H1LINE .m
111 graphicxFigures/reexportp Re-export a figure in pdf using app datas .m
112 graphicxFigures/sgetool Add a button to a figure toolbar to check on SGE scripts in the queue .m
113 graphicxFigures/showmenu Ensure the menu bar is shown on a figure .m
114 graphicxFigures/stickynote H1LINE .m
115 graphicxFigures/tall Increase figure size to a large portrait format .m
116 graphicxFigures/testicon H1LINE .m
117 graphicxFigures/utiltool Create a standalone toolbar with my personnal buttons .m
118 graphicxFigures/videotimeline Add a video timeline to a plot .m
119 graphicxPlots/addarrows Add arrows along a contour handle .m
120 graphicxPlots/ahline Draw a horizontal line on a plot and print value on the y-axis .m
121 graphicxPlots/barerror H1LINE .m
122 graphicxPlots/boldnul Make null contours line style dashed .m
123 graphicxPlots/cleancont Update color for m_contourf plots .m
124 graphicxPlots/cs2st Transform contour matrix into output from streamline .m
125 graphicxPlots/dashneg Make dashed negative contours .m
126 graphicxPlots/drawbox Draw a rectangular box .m
127 graphicxPlots/fitgauss Fit a Gaussian to a distribution plot .m
128 graphicxPlots/floatAxisY create floating x-axis for multi-parameter plot .m
129 graphicxPlots/floatAxisY_right floatAxisY create floating x-axis for multi-parameter plot .m
130 graphicxPlots/hline Draw a horizontal line on a plot .m
131 graphicxPlots/mapclean Uniform plots and colorbars .m
132 graphicxPlots/move_axes Move an axis (plot) within a figure .m
133 graphicxPlots/outerbox Plot a box around a plot .m
134 graphicxPlots/patcharrow Create a polygon with an arrow for annotation .m
135 graphicxPlots/ptable Creates non uniform subplot handles .m
136 graphicxPlots/sublist Subplot indices for portrait/landscape 2 ranks loops plot .m
137 graphicxPlots/suptitle Puts a title above all subplots. .m
138 graphicxPlots/thematrix Animate a 3D plot by rotating around .m
139 graphicxPlots/twodcumsum Plot a 2D field together with its cumsum in both directions .m
140 graphicxPlots/twodmean Plot a 2D field together with its means in both directions .m
141 graphicxPlots/unifx Uniforms y-axis limits on different figures .m
142 graphicxPlots/unify Uniforms y-axis limits on different figures .m
143 graphicxPlots/vline Draw a vertical line on a plot .m
144 graphicxPlots/xanom Make x-axis centered around 0 .m
145 graphicxPlots/yanom Make y-axis centered around 0 .m
146 inout/abspath Relative to Absolute path function .m
147 inout/base64encode Perform base64 encoding on a string. .m
148 inout/diag_screen Same as DISP but allow to print in a log file .m
149 inout/file_list Create a file list from a folder .m
150 inout/finish Terminate a Matlab session .m
151 inout/fmv System command move on a file .m
152 inout/fopenn Open a file whithout taking care of slash in file name .m
153 inout/fstrrep Replace string with another into a text file .m
154 inout/get_plotlist Return description of diagnostic/plot files .m
155 inout/get_plotlistdef Display/return description of diagnostic files .m
156 inout/get_plotlistfields Returns the list of fields required by a diag .m
157 inout/getcomputername returns the name of the computer (hostname) .m
158 inout/getip Return the computer network IP address .m
159 inout/gmat Grep a string into comments of Matlab routines within a given folder or file .m
160 inout/grep Grep a string into definitions of functions .m
161 inout/growl Send a notification to Growl .m
162 inout/helptocxml2html H1LINE .m
163 inout/ltp List directory as ls -rtl .m
164 inout/ltx_dlist Copy a LaTeX file TeX ressources to a local folder .m
165 inout/ltx_tbll Print a LaTeX table line .m
166 inout/ltx_tblo Print opening LaTeX table lines .m
167 inout/machine_list List all network machine with system command 'nslookup' .m
168 inout/mailsend Send an email via the system command 'mail' .m
169 inout/myqst Display qstat results .m
170 inout/nlines Number of lines in a text file .m
171 inout/nojvmwaitbar Progress waitbar for Matlab running without JVM .m
172 inout/packver Manage Package Version file .m
173 inout/plgrep Grep a string into definitions of sub plots/diagnostics .m
174 inout/pllist Shortcut for function get_plotlistdef(MASTER,'.') .m
175 inout/qstat Return command qstat -u user outputs .m
176 inout/remindme Reminder using crontab and growl .m
177 inout/sep Draw/Create a horizontal line on the terminal .m
178 inout/serveraddress Display nslookup output .m
179 inout/stralign Align/Justify a string within a given sized blank space .m
180 inout/strins Insert a string into another .m
181 inout/tbcont Audit a directory and create html/wiki pages and table of content .m
182 inout/url_code Percent encode/decode of a string .m
183 inout/wsload Load all (or list of) variables of the base workspace into a function workspace .m
184 inout/wssave Save all (or list of) variables from the caller workspace into the base workspace .m
185 inout/wssize H1LINE .m
186 matrix/assym Compute sym. or assym. component of 2D field .m
187 matrix/curvearea Compute curve area in a crude way .m
188 matrix/datenumserie Create a time serie with datenum .m
189 matrix/dim Give the number of dimensions of a field .m
190 matrix/dispt Display a table on prompt .m
191 matrix/duplicate Find duplicate values among a 1D table .m
192 matrix/findp Find the p power of 10 of a number .m
193 matrix/iseven True for even array .m
194 matrix/isin Check if a table contains values of another table .m
195 matrix/m2cols Transform a 1 dimensional matrix to a square one with elements on columns .m
196 matrix/m2diag Transform a 1 dimensional matrix to a square one with elements on the diagonal .m
197 matrix/monthlabs Get various labels of months .m
198 matrix/mywkeep Keep part of a vector or a matrix. .m
199 matrix/nansummap Multidimensional nansum .m
200 matrix/rgb2web Convert an rgb colormap map to a javascript array of webcolor strings. .m
201 matrix/rotatepolygon H1LINE .m
202 matrix/smoother1Ddiff Apply a diffusive smoother on a 1D field .m
203 matrix/smoother2Ddiff Apply a diffusive smoother on a 2D field .m
204 mcentral/ConsoleProgressBar Console progress bar for long-running operations .m
205 mcentral/barwitherr Make a bar plot with errors .m
206 mcentral/bin2mat - create a matrix from scattered data without interpolation .m
207 mcentral/dirr Lists all files in the current directory and sub directories recursively. .m
208 mcentral/dragdemo Demo for the draggable.m .m
209 mcentral/draggable - Make it so that a graphics object can be dragged in a figure. .m
210 mcentral/gtrack Track mouse position and show coordinates in figure title. .m
211 mcentral/hindex Computes the h-index of an author from Google Scholar. .m
212 mcentral/hypsometry Hypsometric Integral .m
213 mcentral/julian2greg ______________________________________________________________________________________________ .m
214 mcentral/nanmax Maximum value, ignoring NaNs. .m
215 mcentral/nanmean Mean value, ignoring NaNs. .m
216 mcentral/nanmedian Median value, ignoring NaNs. .m
217 mcentral/nanmin Minimum value, ignoring NaNs. .m
218 mcentral/nanstd Standard deviation, ignoring NaNs. .m
219 mcentral/nansum Sum, ignoring NaNs. .m
220 mcentral/nanvar Variance, ignoring NaNs. .m
221 mcentral/outliers function: remove outliers based on Thompson Tau: .m
222 mcentral/popd Pops you back up in the PUSHD stack .m
223 mcentral/prctile Percentiles of a sample. .m
224 mcentral/ps2pdf Function to convert a PostScript file to PDF using Ghostscript .m
225 mcentral/pushd Changes MATLAB working directory to the one specified, or to the folder containing the specified file .m
226 mcentral/pwr_kml makes a kml file for use in google earth .m
227 mcentral/removeoutliers Remove outliers from data using the Thompson Tau method. .m
228 mcentral/rgbconv Convert hex color to or from matlab rgb vector. .m
229 mcentral/sinefit params = sinefit(yin,t,f) .m
230 mcentral/sw_vmodes calculate vertical modes in a flat-bottomed ocean. .m
231 mcentral/usercolormap Create a color map. .m
232 mcentral/winsinc Applies a windowed sinc filter .m
233 mcentral/xticklabel_rotate hText = xticklabel_rotate(XTick,rot,XTickLabel,varargin) Rotate XTickLabel .m
234 netcdf/ncbuiltin Is this Matlab using built-in netcdf or not ? .m
235 netcdf/ncdimname List dimensions name of a netcdf object .m
236 netcdf/ncvardesc List informations about variables of a netcdf object .m
237 netcdf/ncvarlongname List variables long name of a netcdf object .m
238 netcdf/ncvarname List variable name of a netcdf object .m
239 off/colorbar2 Display color bar (color scale). .m
240 off/colorbar3 when this is done doing whatever it does .m
241 off/colorbar_off Display color bar (color scale). .m
242 off/getP Determine la puissance de 10 d'un nombre .m
243 off/log2jobid H1LINE MISSING .m
244 off/mapanom2 H1LINE MISSING .m
245 overwrite/clf Clear current figure .m
246 overwrite/corrcoef Correlation coefficients. .m
247 overwrite/dashline Function to produce accurate dotted and dashed lines .m
248 overwrite/fftmspec Module Spectra of the Fourier Transform .m
249 overwrite/figure Create customized figure window .m
250 overwrite/fitfun Used by FITDEMO. .m
251 overwrite/ginput Graphical input from mouse. .m
252 overwrite/refline Add a reference line to a plot. .m
253 overwrite/refresh Refresh figure .m
254 overwrite/system H1LINE .m
255 overwrite/title Custom Graph title .m
256 statistics/WSEdecomp Split a signal into its downward/upward propagating and stationnary components .m
257 statistics/allstats STATM Compute statistics from 2 series .m
258 statistics/armodel2 Two Dimensional Spectral Estimation .m
259 statistics/chi2conf Confidence interval using inverse of chi-square cdf. .m
260 statistics/gauss Gaussian function .m
261 statistics/getcrosscor Compute a lagged cross-correlation .m
262 statistics/getdblpeaks Find indices corresponding to a common peak in two series .m
263 statistics/getpeaks Determine peak(s) of function X .m
264 statistics/getscatter Get scatter plot distribution .m
265 statistics/hannfilter Disable function .m
266 statistics/lanczos Filtre de lanczos .m
267 statistics/lanfilt High, low, band pass filters based on Lanczos filter .m
268 statistics/linvp Linear inverse problem .m
269 statistics/lisse Smooth a scalar array with a running mean .m
270 statistics/mcovar2 Two Dimensioal Spectral Estimation .m
271 statistics/mynanmean Average or mean value of matrix with NaN. .m
272 statistics/mypsd2 Power Spectral Density estimate. .m
273 statistics/mypsdchk Helper function for PSD, CSD, COHERE, and TFE. .m
274 statistics/myrunmean Perform running mean on an array .m
275 statistics/myspecgram Spectrogram .m
276 statistics/nlinvp Non-Linear inverse problem .m
277 statistics/periodogram2 Computes the 2-D periodogram based on Fourier Method .m
278 statistics/stan Return a standardized serie .m
279 statistics/taylordiag Plot a Taylor Diagram .m
280 statistics/trend Find a linear trend from a vector, usually for FFT processing. .m
281 statistics/wmean Compute a weighted mean .m
282 statistics/wstd Compute a weighted standard deviation .m
283 statistics/xtrm Find the extreme value of a 2D field (either positive or negative) .m