Scripts for research studies in physical oceanography, meteorology and climatology...(and some other stuff)

Here is a set of scripts for Matlab, shell, Fortran, xml, LaTeX, python, php etc I use to make my life easier in geophysical fluid research and be more productive.
Browse the svn repository to look at the undocumented stuff here:
If you know nothing about svn, check here for a small help.
You can also checkout some projects at Github

Documented projects:
Project Description Documentation page
Argo NA-ARC Information and data mining online tools for North Atlantic Argo data. NA-ARC home page
COPODA COllaborative Platform for Ocean Data Analysis. A matlab package to work with ocean hydrographic data. COPODA home page
OCCA Thermal layer volume budget This is a set of matlab and fortran routines to compute a thermally defined layer volume budget over a subdomain of the global ocean from the OCCA state estimate. OCCA Volume budget
Journal Archive This a Google Chrome extension (formally a widget) to access online archive of the most common geophysical research journals. Journal Archive widget
WSE decomp Stationary/Propagative components decomposition of a Longitude/Time signal with Fourier harmonics. Here
PCAtool Principal components analysis Matlab toolbox PCA Matlab toolbox
Taylor Diagram Compare statistics of several time series into a single plot. Matlab Taylor diagram routine
Queue monitoring This is an online application (Google gadget and/or script to embed on a website) to display xml file produced by qstat -xml. Allow to monitor your jobs from a SGE queuing system
SGE queue monitoring widget

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